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Please post your comments here! --Dgilman 18:02, 27 March 2007 (CEST)


Relationship between biofuels and "carbon-neutrality"


Congratulations on tackling your America trip.
I have just been to London to a meeting on "carbon-neutrality" and the proposed founding of a Carbon Stewardship Council at
I am interested in exploring the relationship between biofuels and "carbon-neutrality". Here's what I'm reading,
If other readers are interested in this nexus, please contact me. Thomas Ruddy

Goodluck from Earthrace and lots of fun... show the world, the future is 100% eco and 100% passion ... and show youth the world is really exciting to take part in. Sven PS The best gallon of biofuel is the gallon not burned ...

Give our regards to the friends of RealGoods: ... you pass them in San José California. This is a company set up by a group of hippies from the 70'ies who turned their back to the towns with some sheep, grain, and horses... most of these groups soon ran out of food and supplies... but some have survived... RealGoods is one of them ... you can take in biodiesel there...

Eco-friendly palm oil could help alleviate poverty in Indonesia

Glad you’re having fun, and thanks for your comments re: the latest from George Monbiot and Lester Brown on biofuels. Below is a link to a good article, sent to me from my friend Kyle White... - Kate

Eco-friendly palm oil could help alleviate poverty in Indonesia

Palm oil is not a failure as a biofuel

Rhett A. Butler

April 4, 2007

Contact in Guatemala

Hello, I'm working at the newly created "Juan U. Maegli Agroindustrial Foundation" in Guatemala, we are interested in promoting the production of "agroenergy", such as biodiesel, biogas, energetic forests and any kind of energy produce fromm agricultural, animal or forest sources. I would like to know when and where would you be in Guatemala to meet you.

Have a nice trip,


Emmissions to Biofuels solves the food vs fuel issue!

Arizona Public Services power company and Green Fuel Technology, a startup from MIT won a Platts award last year for pioneering a technology that recycles CO2 emmissions from power plants into oil rich biomass using algae. I cannot believe there has not been a massive amount of attention paid to this concept as it is such a win win win situation, your reduce CO2 emmission by 40% at the emmission site, you create both a biodiesel and an ethanol/butanol feedstock, and you leave the food for the people. for more... also for more info on emmissions to biofuels technology.

One other note, if we want to get serious about reducing the global price of corn for the poor, we should try feeding less of it to animals on feedlots and more of it to people directly!

Greetings from Costa Rica

Hola greaseballers! We are cheering you on and checking your blog entries with excitment and share in your anxiety as you search out a wire along the the road to tie up exhaust system! We hope to organize an event for you at EARTH University when you reach us here in Costa Rica. We need to select a date. Is the Bluebird bus with you as well? Can you call us or can we call you? Buen viaje y cuidenses! Emily Yozell Grupo ADELA

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