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  • Climate change, biofuels and land (PDF file), FAO factsheet: "Climate change and expanding biofuel production is likely to lead to greater competition for access to land. For the millions of farmers, pastoralists, fisherfolk and forest dwellers with no formal land tenure rights, this increased competition poses a tremendous threat to their livelihoods. Sound land tenure policies and planning will be crucial to ensuring that these men and women do not fall into even greater hardship."
  • Climate change, bioenergy and land tenure FAO 2008. "The first part of this paper aims to identify key issues related to land tenure in the context of ongoing climate change and current climate variability"..."The second part of this study aims to open up discussion of the way in which biofuels are likely to impact on access to land." ..."This study aims to pave the way for future empirical research on how the biofuels boom affects land access, by raising key issues, presenting a basic conceptual framework and presenting a suite of (primarily anecdotal rather than empirical) evidence from around the world."
  • Fuelling exclusion? The biofuels boom and poor people's access to land, IIED and FAO 2008. "What are the impacts of the increasing spread of biofuels on access to land in producer countries, particularly for poorer rural people? Biofuels could revitalise rural agriculture and livelihoods – or, where there are competing claims on land – exclude poorer land and resource users. This study documents current knowledge on current and potential impacts of commercial biofuel production for access to land in Africa, Latin America and Asia, charting both negative experiences and promising approaches."

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