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LAC-CORE logo. (Used with permission.)

The Latin American and Caribbean Council On Renewable Energy (LAC-CORE) is an organization promoting renewable energy in Latin America and the Caribbean.



LAC-CORE describes itself as follows:

The mission of LAC-CORE is to "bring renewable energy into the mainstream of the Latin American and Caribbean regions – with regard to their economy, industry, trade, government, environment, and climate change. The purpose is to reduce dependence on fossil fuel imports necessary for the support of national economies in Latin America and the Caribbean."

"LAC-CORE will encourage a diverse membership base to advance renewable energy growth and practices to the maximum potential of the Americas. Our intention is to draw the public and private sectors of the western hemisphere across all borders toward renewable energy, and ultimately lead the global renewable energy markets. LAC-CORE will engage a broad range of stakeholders in the widespread adoption of renewable energy throughout Latin America and the Caribbean."



  • "LAC-CORE’s goal is to promote and enhance the development of renewable energy through energy efficient technologies and application methods across Latin America and the Caribbean. The renewable energy sector in Latin America and the Caribbean is unique. Each region, terrain and climate presents differing variables that need appropriate analysis and approach. LAC-CORE understands that in order to fully comprehend a region’s political, social, economic, and organizational potential, comprehensive information is needed."


  • "LAC-CORE will function as a convening resource and platform in the region through the organization of events, conferences, workshops, forums and trade shows. These events will promote the development of productive and sustainable renewable energy solutions, while encouraging the creation of key relationships with energy leaders from the region. LAC-CORE will provide the foundation for this exchange."

Encouraging Partnerships

  • "Throughout Latin American and the Caribbean, the opportunity for partnerships exists but lacks coordination and support. LAC-CORE is in a unique position to identify valuable opportunities and connect the right organizations and resources resulting in tangible deliverables which benefit the region."


  • "The immense potential for renewables in Latin American and the Caribbean has yet to be realized – largely due to a lack of awareness. We believe an emphasis on education is vital to the sustainable development of the region. Through education we can provide the tools needed for innovative minds to capitalize on the energy potential of this region."

Facilitate Policy Development

  • "Policy and regulation is an essential aspect of the success of renewable energy in Latin America and the Caribbean. Policies in the world have been drafted to facilitate the traditional fossil fuel and mining energy industries As new renewable technologies are emerging in other sectors, these are found lacking the appropriate policy and regulation to support their development. Many political figures are simply unaware of the potential of renewable and do not understand the requirements for developing such industries. LAC-CORE will play a tremendous role in educating political leaders in the unique opportunities of renewable energy and energy efficiency in the region."



Note: This page was created using text from the publication "LAC-CORE Handout". Used with permission.

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