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This page is for the use of the US "Bioeconomy Working Group," an ad hoc consortium of US NGOs active on issues related to the expansion of the "bioeconomy" -- bioenergy and bioproducts -- in the United States.
Participants: Please note that these pages are viewable by the general public so don't post any confidential or sensitive information.


Statements of principles


Biofuel policy

Western Organization of Resource Councils (WORC)

Conservation Security Program (CSP) proposals

Farm Bill proposals

Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership

NWF Biofuels Innovation Program

IATP Sustainable Biomass Reserve

Renewable Fuels Standard proposals

State bills



Background Information

Sustainability Standards Processes

Please go here to see more information on standards processes in the EU and elsewhere.

Standards documents

These are links to publications produced by different sustainability standards processes.


This section provides links to other publications that are relevant or have been referenced by other members of the group.




This section puts links to articles that have been circulated.

United States edit
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Policy edit
Policies by region: EU policy | US policy (Obama Administration) | G8 policy | UK policy (Gallagher Review)
Sustainability standards
Position papers (CSIS Report, Tropical Forest and Climate Unity Agreement)
Working groups edit
Bioeconomy Working Group (US NGO)

Bioeconomy edit
Bioeconomy Working Group
Bioproducts/Bio-based products (Bioplastics)


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